Working on a listing of Truck Stop Locations and Diesel Fuel Outlets
Providing the address and phone numbers of all outlets,
regardless of their brand or chain affiliation.
 Truck Stop Locations list includes all truck stops in the United States.
We link to, or list the services provided by Participating Locations
Truck Stops by State

F= fuel only / limited parking $ = Charge to Park W = weigh scale
S = 20 or less spaces M = 20 to 50 spaces L= 50 or more spaces

 R= major repairs r = minor repairs
Our goal is to provide the most complete and accurate information possible.
If you find an error in the information provided on our site, please notify us so that we may correct that information.
When a truck stop closes or changes names, we have no way of knowing this unless we are notified.
Please help us be emailing Corrections with the corrected information.


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