I'm �ystein Korsg�rd from Norway. I'm sending you a pic of my 89 Kenworth K100E Aerodyne . I got your adress fom a DVD I got from Dough At New Hampshire Peterbilt. I buy some parts from him.   I has also been to some truckshows in the USA. But only me , not my truck. But I take it to many truckshovs in Europe..
          It's a truck I bought in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 2002. I drowe it to port New Ark, NJ , and sendt it home. I drive it mostly in Scandinavia. I have painted it(was painted in united van lines colors when I bought it) , put on new rims, new bumper from Iowa 80 , stainless rear bumper, and a lot led-lights and other parts. If you wan, you can put the pic up on your GREAT page. I can be member if you want.

Sent to us from �ystein Korsg�rd Tue, 2 Jan 2007

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