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GOT? Original or just hot bull hauler recipes?  Looking for special cookin to see for a future cook book.

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Truck Stops in America

Truck Stops in America is a work in progress. Have worked on all 48 States. Some states have more details than others. I'm still in the process of improving the details. Starting with Diesel Stops. If you have a location not listed that provides truck parking, bull pens, Diesel, truck wash, dealer, repair facility, chrome shop, truck hazards, let us know. Send all information with logos and photos. I'll add them to the database. E-mail to Robert@landstar.org attn: Truck Stops.





We realize that the trailers commonly referred to as bull wagons haul many forms of livestock.  Including are cattle, pigs, sheep, horses etc. Send pictures of these to robert@landstar.org Attn: Bull Wagons

Drivers pulling super dry vans or step deck dry vans have been accused at night as to be pulling bull wagons. These types of trailers are not bull wagons.


Oh man, I need a job, or just want to Haul Cattle.

 Looking for a change or out of work? Directly I have some contacts in classifieds. No actual affiliation to a Cattle, Bull, Livestock, ChickenHaulin or Freight companies. You will have to investigate on your own the adds listed here. I'm only Posting what has been e-mailed to me. Good luck!

I'll put your name & e-mail or phone and others who see it, Others and you can call each other direct.






I wrote this myself one late stormy/rainy July night strolling through TN trying to keep awake to make sure my load got where it needed to be.

Thought you might want to post it on your site.  It's hit home with a lot of my fellow bull-buddies and their wives.

Bullhauler�s Blues by Jessica Loree

I open my eyes, and I look around, a diesel engine, the only sound.  Alone in my bunk, my feet cold on the floor, I lean up front, and look out the door.  I grab for my notes, all tattered and torn, and go out side, as this new day is born.

I walk to the office, where the coffee is hot, and point to my Pete, way out in the lot.  A fresh blanket of snow, had fallen last night, and loading my cows, I�m in for a fight.  I circle around with the chute in my mirror, and think to myself, I wonder why I�m here.  I put on my boots, my carhartt, my gloves, as I walk down that ramp, a silent prayer sent above.

I pray for my family, my kids, and my wife.  The pain they must go through, a bull-hauler�s life.  The cows they are grouchy, they don�t like the cold, I cuss to the shadows, it�s tough getting old.  They kick and they snort, they turn and they run.  A yell from behind me, �Get out!  Damn-it!  RUN!!� 

Before I could move, the cows, they all came, and when I woke up, I�d forgotten my name.  With a cast on my arm, a bandage on my head, the doc even said, �you�re lucky you aren�t dead!�  With orders to rest, I was told to go home, but I gave him my word, and I won�t go alone. 

So back to the snow, the cold, and the muck, Oh where did they put it?  Oh Shit!  Where�s my truck?  Oh hell, there it is, parked out in the back, I about passed out, from the panic attack.  She might not be much, but she�s all that I�ve got, and over the years, we�ve sure seen a lot.

So once again, to the chute, I must go, with the pain and the cold, I�m moving so slow.  I feel like a rookie, like I don�t know my job, a bloody shirt and torn pants, I feel like a slob.  I pause down the ramp, and I close my sore eyes, I think about things, this job, my demise.  My family has stood there, through thick and through thin, and I almost lost all, and never saw them again. 

But what would I do, without my old Pete?  My hand on the gear shift, my butt on the seat.  I could start a new life, new job, new career.  But you know I�d end up, with my ass right back here.  It gets in your blood, it consumes your whole life, and when you give up, it cuts your heart like a knife.

I finally get �em loaded, and drop down my gate, in the dogbox muddy clothes, for my paperwork, I wait.  The vet never saw them, he told a white lie, but he signed all my papers, and told me goodbye.  I start my old truck, and we go down the road, I look at my gauges, how heavy IS this load?  I dig up the papers, the numbers, aren�t right, I look at the clock, it�s gonna be a long night!  I grab for my map, and plan a new way, I know all these new miles, put a bite in my pay. 

I�ll be there tomorrow, if I don�t take a shower, I reach for my Skoal, and count down the hours.  I call home to my wife, but some things I don�t say.  I tell her I love her, and which bills she can�t pay.  I promise to work harder, and be a better provider.  She tells me she loves me, she knows I�m a fighter.  I hung up my phone, and locked in my cruise, and I thought to myself, these are the Bull-Hauler Blues...!
Jessica Loree
LOREE Trucking & Livestock
Wakefield, Kansas
Livestock - Feed Ingredients - Grain

Thought you might like this.

It's my first attempt at poetry.

 Imagine that! A bullhauler poet!

Freight you say? We'd rather take a bullet
Cuz if it ain't full of holes we just won't pull it
Those fat-belly freight haulers like those big long hauls
They have to do that cuz they just have no balls
They bitch & they moan & say our rigs smell
Well if you ask me they can all go to hell
They say we're all crazy & drive way too fast
Just shut your damn pie holes & let me pass
And oh by the way... pucker up buttercup & kiss my cowboy ass!
Hearts of gold & nerves of steel
In one hand a hotshot the other the wheel
We take our critters cross mountain, desert & plain, all with great skill & poise
Guess that's why they call us the last of the cowboys
We don't hang out in truckstops or get caught sleepin, this we can't abide
It all stems from a little thing called pride
We don't ask for glory or lots of money in the bank
Just cows that need a ride and fuel in our tank
The ladies do love us, we have great appeal
For when we're around you're sure to hear em squeal
About all this we don't brag or holler
We're all just damn proud to be called "Bullhauler"
Brad Busby





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Hello Robert.  My name is Troy.  I'm a 38 yr old son and grandson of
Bull Haulers.  I'd be out there myself if not for Muscular Dystrophy.
Dad & Grandpaw are both gone to the big sale barn in the sky.  Dad
hauled hogs for A & D Trucking out of Rushville, IL back in the '70's
and then Hogs and Cattle for Hood Trucking also out of Rushville, IL
'til '88 when he started haulin' dry freight drivin' for Star Transport
out of Morton, IL..  He was a Farmer at heart, so Bull Haulin came
natural!  Grandpaw owned & operated Briggs Trucking off the Family farm
near Rushville for 42 years haulin' all types of critters from farm to
market.  Grandpaw, Loren E. Briggs, passed in 1984.  Dad, Loren W.
"Willie" Briggs, in 1998.  Both from Lung Cancer.  I'm lucky enough to
have gone Bull Haulin' with both of 'em!  In my Heart & Soul, I'm a Bull
Hauler to.....It's in my blood!!

One of ya Forever!

Troy Lee Briggs






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Hello all, and Thank You for visiting the Bull Hauler Association site. I'm working on this site to improve it. I appreciate all the e-mail from all of you. I look forward to adding things that affect all of us in the trucking industry. Working on real time posting pages for everyone to use. All pages are free to the public now, will work on a members only section. What kind of things would you like me to have in this section you can e-mail me your ideas!  

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J W Trucking  Joel Wallerstedt  Doyline, LA

Cell Phone Camera took this 


Mike's Truckin
Willcox, Az. 85643
can haul across state lines
have 3 trucks & two drivers
also have two flat beds, & two belly dumps too.

Robert how are you my name is Jim Lierly I'm trying to find a cattle company to work for that is based in mo if you have any contacts or maybe no of someone needing a driver hauled about everything except cows learn fast i have place to park truck-trailer-CDL is good no crashes no tickets-3 years

Jim Lierly

Palmyra, MO. 480 309 9353



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